Each individual responds uniquely so there are not set protocols for frequency of treatment.   Reiki  energy healing can relieve pain and acute symptoms rapidly, while chronic problems may require more extensive sessions. Length of treatment depends on the root cause of the problem and the amount of energy needed to bring the problem area of the body back into balance.​  All sessions include removing old energy and replacing with new and Chakra alignment.

Schedule A Reiki Healing Session

If you would like to schedule a Distance Reiki session with me please send Paypal to rockinnole@yahoo.com. Once I receive payment I will contact you to schedule a time.  I am on EST and will do everything I can to accommodate your schedule and time zone.

30 minutes - $30

60 minutes - $40


60 minutes ($50) - A Condensed version of a full session, focusing on what the client's exact needs are (pain etc.) along with re-focusing the mind and relaxing.

90 minutes ($65) - A full session is from head to toe. The first part is even more relaxing, re-focusing the mind and releasing old energy and replacing with new. The second part is about spending even more time on the specific needs of the client, whether it be pain, emotional healing, stress etc.​​

(Accept Cards & Cash as long as exact amount)

If you would like to schedule a Hands-on Reiki session  either email me at namastespiritualreiki@gmail.com


I can be reached at 850-728-9209 

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